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Sunday, December 11, 2005

VS.NET 2005, you had me at hello

Decided to take the plunge & install it.  So I freed up some space, prepping to lose a nice chunk (4GB) to the IDE & help files.  (Note going into this, I already had the .NET 2.0 Framework Redistributable installed.)  I have VS.NET 2003 & help installed and no plans on removing it.

  • First thing -- VS.NET 2005 picked up on the fact I have Win XP SP1 and told me I have to have SP2.  Fair enough.  (time passes ...)
  • While I wait, I'm reading articles like this that concern me (but I will most likely never run into this particular one).  But I still want it.  Folding laundry now waiting for my 111mb download & install of SP2 to finish.
  • Allset ... install + docs with my documentation only took 2.1GB --  not bad
  • Installed AnkhSVN snapshot 23  [would recommend firing up VS.NET 2005 at least once before installing all the add-ins]
  • Installed NUnit 2.2.3 (support for .NET 2.0 )
  • Installed TestDriven.NET 2.0 beta
  • Loaded my first project ...
It did an automatic conversion/upgrade of the project for me.  All I had to do to get it to run was to change the reference to the key file (.snk) for signing the assembly.  VS.NET 2005 wants it as a project option, whereas in 2003 it was an assembly-level attribute.  Easy enough fix.  Presto -- one of my more critical projects compiled without a hitch, and all 200+ unit tests passed like a champ.  nice :)

Played around with Refactoring a bit -- this could come in handy.  Class designer was good too -- dropped a solution on the surface and it diagrammed out a class model diagram for all of the classes.

All in all -- very nice.  Excited to explore more features, like the local web projects improvements.


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