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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mono running on Suse 9.1, FC4

Finally finished with the Mono on Suse 9.1 madness.  Not sure why I spent so much time on it, other than it became an obsession/challenge.  I learned a ton on the way.

I installed Fedora Core 4 on a different box using VMWare.  (Learned you can mount ISO's from host OS to look like the CD drive to the guest OS, pretty slick).  I did the same thing (built from source distribution), but took only 1-2 evenings.  All of the packages in FC4 were considerably more up to date.

I am very excited about Mono on Linux.  I was able to successfully run MonoDevelop on both Suse 9.1 and FC4.  It didn't run too bad on an old PII-350, runs very nicely on a newer PentiumM.


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