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Monday, November 14, 2005

GTK2, Suse, Mono, and build pain

So I decided I wanted to build Mono 1.1.10 from src on Suse 9.1.  Thus started a many-day dependency nightmare.  Try to build X, X needs Y, try to build Y, Y needs Z, etc.  But got reallllly close ... and ...

Kept getting "can't load libcairopango" errors when trying to build gtk2 (latest, 2.8.something).  After much pain and suffering, I finally realized that the *.la files in /usr/local/lib are basically library manifests.  So I went through the file and figured out it listed /usr/local/lib/, which wasn't present.  Even thought libexpat was install on the system.So I downloaded libexpat src, ./configure, make, make all, and poof that was fixed.  AND THEN ...

Some weird make error about glib-genmarshal not being found.  I found it in /usr/local/bin, but not /usr/bin.  I linked it (and two other glib-* tools) from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin and IT WORKED.GTK2 installed.  Now for Mono's gtksharp.  

In the end, I want to run MonoDevelop.  Wish me luck :)    


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