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Monday, May 02, 2005

Subversion 1.2 and Autoversioning

I've been playing recently with SVN 1.2rc2 + Apache 2.0.54 + autoversioning. Basically using a wonderful little protocol called WebDAV (extension to http), it lets users browse a Subversion virtual file system as a normal file system, save files, add files, delete files, with the cool effect that every single change is versioned. And the user doesn't even know they're using versioning. Windows Web Folders works for the most part, except for a missing feature that prevents edit-in-place from working (you have to copy local, modify, and copy back in.) I've been using WebDrive as a WebDAV client for Windows. It works pretty nicely with SVN autoversioning -- there a few minor glitches, but so far, WebDrive support has been great providing me a new version that fixes the issues. My plan is to roll this solution out, using FSFS as the repository format. FSFS has a fast commit speed and works great with incremental backups. FSFS been 'in the wild' for several months now and I've seen nothing but good comments on it. Rock on.


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